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Request: Bodyslide reference template for HDT SAM

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Title. What I mean essentially is a body template for HDT SAM at 50 weight so I can use it to skin properly in 3dmax and use bodyslide with it.

In human language, up until now all work (If you don't know what stuff I make exactly, click my profile pic to learn more) that I've done uses the SAMBODY_1.nif, which is the maximum weight for SAM without samson/samuel slider.

However obviously not everybody uses the 100 weight, some people uses sam for the flexibility, not for it's big bear muscle daddy-ish body. If your character is lower than 100 weight and you try to wear my stuff, you get a neckgap. If I'd like to be more inclusive with my work (provide support for users with lower than 100 weight), I would have to do a ton of extra work for very little return, while all of it could be solved easily if I had an updated bodyslide reference template of the high-poly, HDT SAM mesh.

Some of yall might feel like, why are you bitching about it here and not just ask the all mighty @KouLeifoh K god himself? Isn't this request pretty much directed towards him? Well, I mean, YOU'RE NOT WRONG, SWEETIE, but he has done enough work for the community for very little in return other than a small few of praises, and I don't wanna bother him further with my petty needs. (Which I feel like he prolly fucking hates me at this point)

Anybody that could share any info on how to make it myself (I honestly can't imagine it being a hard thing to do), or straight up provide the files, you have my upmost gratitude.

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