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Hi everyone,

Long-time lurker here, was wondering how to convert skin textures to the SAM body. Main trouble for me is the feet, since it has such different layout than SOS/lite, Vanilla, Dizona etc. bodies. Any tips on how to make a good conversion? I already know how to blend face, other body part diffuse and normals, it's just the feet that are throwing me off...

Any advice appreciated!

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Actually UVMAP layout of SAM is the closest to Vanilla one, except for the following three four areas: crotch, toes, nipples, [added] and navel.

I suppose you can and have (so to speak) to 'attach' toes from SAM original texture with some blending tweaks to vanilla feet (That's what I almost only did for Skysight Skins Normal Maps for SAM Light) . I don't find it possible to adapt from BM/ SoS feet without enough knowledge of UV remap, though.


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