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Slight Hide Armor edit?

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I'm not too great at editing/modding. Would anyone be willing to make a topless/strapless version of Hide Armor(SAM)?

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It's probably better for you to learn your own .esp file (since I assume the majority of people prefer replacer to the added stand alone).

The followings are a basic tutorial for creating your own .esp by CK (Creation Kit), and it's arguably the easiest 'first step' to customize/ make your own mod.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q8M4v1dYkc
  • https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/591967-help-with-making-custom-texture-into-stand-alone-armor/


In principle, the armor .esp consists of the following three (plus one optional, but I omitted the last) data:

  • Armor Add-on: defines how the armor looks, and how the armor hides the default body parts
  • Armor: defines basic stats in game, like values, armor rates, equipment slots, and the path to inventory model
  • Constuctible Object: defines the recipes for creating/ tempering


Have you ever installed and used TESVEdit (SSEEdit)? If you have installed it, check some of the armor mods you installed by it. They must have at least these three types of records. 

In fact, It would be much easier to prepare your esp by making use only of TESVEdit (and Nifskope) without CK (more complicated).

Since you wish to make a variant of vanilla hide armor, just duplicate the records of vanilla hide armor and change some data from the vanilla default to your custom topless one.

  1. Rename your custom meshes from cuirasslight_0 (1).nif to topless_cuirasslight_0 (1).nif or something like that for distinguishing them from the default one, and put them in the original path (directory).
  2. It would be a bit difficult to deal with the .tri file (for defining the morphs of  the armor/ body shape in game), since this part is unique to SAM-compatible armor and you have difficulty in finding any relevant information (so this is the most hard part among this procedure): Rename the .tri file like topless_cuirasslight.tri (from cuirasslight.tri) and put them in the original path (directory) as you did in the procedure 1. Then, open your custom mesh with Nifskope, find [Nistring Extra Data] under one of [NITrishape], and edit the file path name from the vanilla one (cuirasslight.tri) to your custom (topless_cuirasslight.tri) after clicking the string data. #see the SS.
  3. Run TESVEdit (SSEEdit), open Skyrim.esm and find Armor Add-on, Armor, Construstible Object records for vanilla hide armor: Namely HideCuirassAA [ARMA:0001B397] (in: [Armor Add-on]), ArmorHideCuirass "Hide Armor" [ARMO:00013911] (in: [Armor]), RecipeArmorHideCuirass [COBJ:000DB5D4] and TemperArmorHideCuirass [COBJ:000ADBD5] (in: [Constructible Object])
  4. Right-click them (one by one, for the beginners), and choose 'Copy as New Record' -> <new file> (you have to name the file as 'sam_topless_hide' or something like that, with having 'Skyrim.esm' (base game) as master file/ as for the second and later records, choose the new file you created for the first record), and save to create a new .esp file.  If asked to change the original record id name, change them to add some suffix like (_duplicate/ _custom).
  5. The .esp file you created in 4 is just a duplicated copy of vanilla hide armor for now (you'll see two hide armors at anvil/ working bench if you check in the game). You have to make it your custom by customizing the following procedure (s). 
  6. Be sure to put the new .esp file into [Data] folder of Skyrim or create new mod folder under MO2>mods (if you use MO/ MO2), as for the latter's case, preferably together with the custom meshes and .tri  under the new mod folder (while retaining the same directory path for the meshes/ .tri).
  7. Open your new .esp file with TESVEdit: Your new esp consists of the newly duplicated four records (only).
  8. As for Armor Add-on ([HideCuirassAA_duplicated]): Change [Male World Model] (scroll down the right panel) from Armor\Hide\M\CuirassLight_1.nif to Armor\Hide\M\Topless_CuirassLight_1.nif. This part is critical to give your custom-duplicated hide an unique model.
  9. As for Armor: Change [Armature] model name from the original to HideCuirassAA_duplicate [ARMA:????????], your custom Armor Add-on. The easiest way to thefill the model name is to copy from FormID of HideCuirassAA_duplicate to paste it by CTRL+C, CTRL+V. This process will change the appearance of the custom armor from the default to your customized Armor Add-on, defined in 8. 
  10. As for Craft/ Tempering recipes: You also have to change the assigned armor from the vanilla to the custom one.  Copy ArmorHideCuirass_duplicate "Hide Armor" [ARMO:????????] from FormID of your custom Armor and paste them into Recipe's CNAM - Created Object respectively. These changes enable you to craft/ temper your custom armors.
  11. Save. Done.

Sorry for the wall of texts in clumsy English (I'm not native in English, and am neither 3d artist nor programmer).

I can attach the .esp file created in course of the procedures above, but I dare not to do so for now. Since this would be a very good first step tutorial material for customizing the mod as you like, I suppose. Not so many people are interested in modding this field, so you'll have to tweak the mod as you wish sooner or later by yourself.

Instead, I'll try to answer your questions as much as I can in this thread. 

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