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Berit's Ashes

SAM and Moonlight Tales Overhaul (not essentials)?

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Hi all,

(apologies in advance, since I'm certain this has been answered somewhere out there and I'm just not able to find it):

How's the current compatibility between SAM and Moonlight tales? I mean the main version of the mod and not the essentials patch that comes with SAM. I love SAM and I've been using the patch, but I'm beginning to miss the functionality of the main Moonlight Tales mod. Are they firmly incompatible or is there any way to make these two mods play nice, even if that means compromising on a few features?

Thanks and all the best

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Do you mean you don't use the original Moonlight Tales because it conflicts with SAM? Cause I use both the original and the patch and it works fine. Just make sure none of the werewolf nif files from SAM get overwritten and it should be good.

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