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Body with a red triangle and white hole inside after activating SAM HDT BBB

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Hello. I am experiencing a problem. That is: I already had one time made a mod configuration when I could modify glute parameters, as one of the topic that helps me on my account. The problem is that I cannot do it again, because every time that I do it, by activating the BBB bounce mod, the body desapears, and IH it place I only can see a big triangle format with a white light inside it, as the textures and meshes was not found. What should I do? And what are the correct order, if I have the sam,  HDT PE, Sam BBB, rag dolls and force plugin. Only, XPMSE, Racemenu, rcae, SOS plugin only, floppy sos, SKSE, FNIS? How could I solve the problem? Is there a correct installation of xpmse, or some other thing that I don't have? Also give me the order that you put. I only can see the head, and the penis, don't remember if I see the arms too. Every thing seems to be normal, until I activate BBB bounce. I done this what is shown on the photo, but the error occurs and I can't solve it. Is is taking me already days to try to solve it.


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I forgot to put the tags and image

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