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Any sexy math geeks Here? SKSE and hexidecimal

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I know.. long shot

So basically the only thing really keeping me from lifting those annoying Actorbase limitations in my Blueprints mod.. is math

What the mod currently does is process a list of known Hex IDs that I pre-assigned in the mod. This limits me because I have to manually

enter every single possible one, and have no way to accommodate for outside forms like other races which I know people really want

supported  and various other situations

I am attempting to use GetFormID() to identify the actorbase so I can print the proper facegen. It works actually, but the problem is it

only gives me the decimal value. What I need is the hexidecimal value. In short, this is not stable the moment you change load order or

a number of other factors. So yeah, anyone by any remote chance know how to get SKSE or Papyrus to give me the hex?

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