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Welp, I'm here with an issue. I'm unable to get the dongs to work properly. They simply fling themselves everywhere! This image doesn't do it justice but basically the balls and dick fling themselves around erratically. I cannot seem to limit my FPS to solve the issue, but unless my frames jumping between 30-50fps is the causer of the problem...I have no idea what I can do. Just as reference, I'm using the SAM with this mod since it's apparently compatible. I am using the Groovetama XP32 skeleton and have made sure to overwrite HDTPhysics-Extension's .dll with the one from Floppy SOS.

Since HDT isn't an .esp, I can't really put the FloppySOS.esp after it like the instructions state.I've included the thread for reference. Yes, I've turned on v-sync.
It supposed to work like the attached video below.


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If you are using KouLeifoh's HDT BBB Bounce, make sure to use version 1.4. Version 1.5 isn't compatible with FloppySOS.

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