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my skyrim crached i tried everything :(

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Might want to provide pictures, videos, errors, logs etc... So people can better identify the problem. Skyrim crashes a ton and like many of us here has given up on the game/mod for that very reason.

If I posted something for every time my Skyrim crashes I'd probably own this site by now.

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First I would start by thinking about which mods I installed recently, and looking at where the game crashes specifically or if it crashing simply because it can't keep up with how many things are trying to be loaded in. If you believe or if it is crashing when you are traveling fast(walking fast etc...) this video will fix TONS of crashes like it did for me, but a very high end CPU is required:

If all else fails I usually fall back to a guide I believe was posted by Vector to troubleshoot SAM, and that usually fixes the crash. Guide: 

1. Install Realistic Ragdolls and Force

2. Install SAM

3. Install HDT extensions

4. Install KouLeiFoh's HDT Butt Breast Belly Bounce for SAM

5. Install XPMSE (Follow the install instructions and choose the Racemenu extended slider option ONLY - You don't need the SoS thingy).

6. Install and Run the "Generate FNIS for USERS"

While executing, you should check mark the skeletons just if you're using custom skeletons, like XPMSE... the other patches are for use with other mods. For what we want, we'll need to click on "Update FNIS Beahavior", and then wait untill it finishes the process. After that We can click "Exit".

When you're launching any application on MO, its generated files are stored to the overwrite folder... Sometimes the Mod Organizer will warn you that you should create a mod with those files to keep the order on overwrite folder.

I usually do that with FNIS or with Java patches... so if I add or remove any of my mods or animations, I must delete those mods and re-run the tools to create them a new.


PS: For new versions of XPMSE and FNIS check the settings on the image below:







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Try a step by step troubleshooting: 

Get the core SAM mods activated and sorted and test in a new game. These are SAM - core, SAM - textures, Racemenu, XPMSE, FNIS, Racemenu plugin, and the SAM textures. You should be able to run your game properly with the basics. If not, then there might be some corrupted files in there that you might want to reinstall or even re-download. Oh and check that you didn't mix up LE and SSE files. 

Add a few mods on at a time (frameworks first) to narrow down on which mods are crashing your game. 

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