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PS3 - Oblivion or Skyrim?

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PS3 is an outdated console now, but it's the console I (and my siblings) use for the sake of spending less money.  http://movieseriesworld.com/  http://www.movieseriesworld.com/forums/index.php

I am currently torn between Skyrim and Oblivion. I don't have much knowledge of the two, but I know I'd enjoy playing both of them, as of now I can only buy one though. Skyrim is harder to get my hands on than Oblivion, but I don't know if I should buy Oblivion over Skyrim. I know these games are very similar, but I just can't find any comparision videos or posts. Oblivion seems like a game that can make you laugh, especially with the way NPC's function. In that sense, Skyrim seems more fleshed out and perhaps has more to offer. Any help with deciding would be much appreciated.

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Go to your local video game store, I am almost certain you will find Elder Scrolls for less than $10 for PS3 as it is selling for $5 from most places for PC. Even try asking your friends if they have a Skyrim Disk that you could have or a extra digital copy that you could download with their account as most people have thrown their old gen consoles in the 'junk closet'.

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As a long time player of both of the PS3 versions, and Skyrim a lot more, I can safely tell you that Skyrim runs overall better than Oblivion on the PS3.
Oblivion has a strange and fairly persistent crash issue that happens randomly when you try to save, much like at least Fallout: New Vegas if not Fallout 3 as well, the latter of which I'm not so sure of since I've played less of it.

I recommend all the Skyrim DLC, especially Dragonborn, and most of all, Dawnguard... but be warned that Dawnguard's two castles have some significant lag in places.
Also, you probably will want to also avoid having more than one or two Hearthfire manors per character should you purchase that DLC.  Otherwise you may experience a heck of a lot of framerate drops.

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