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Download — [SAM] Riekling King Armor HDT

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[SAM] Riekling King Armor HDT

Standalone armor of Riekling King, it's based on Riekling Chief's armor and Thieves guild armor.

It supports HDT and the female body is CBBE and male body is SAM. 
This armor is compatible to any body replacer.

How to find: 
1) It can be added through AddMenu mod
2) Using the console: 'player.additem xx0036cb 1' - Armor
 'player.additem xx0036cc 1'  - Helmet
Instead of xx should be the number of the mod in the mod order


Unpack the archive to Skyrim directory


Delete following:

  • Data/Riekling King Armor.esp
  • meshes/armor/Riekling King Armor


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