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Erection spell/control flacid to erect for SAM

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Hello, new-ish to mods.  New to this website and so grateful to have found it.  I originally installed SOS in Skyrim for animated sex (animated prostitution) from NMM many years ago.  Behavior and spells worked fine, some rare crashes, but I assumed because I loaded so many mods that system got overloaded at times.  I am now using SAM bodies with some extra features (like Daddy bear for extra hair on arms and hands).  Problem is, I am not finding any spells to control player/NPC erections.  So when I activate sex animation, penis stay flaccid and don<t sinc with the animation or revert body to older versions and textures(fixed this in animated prostitution MCM menu to have characters do nothing while stripping when already naked).  I am using vortex to manage mods files.  I see some files are conflicting and fixing overrides manually.  There may be another animated sex mod more compatible with SAM I am not aware of...  I am not very good at all this technical stuff.  If anyone can help, please let me know.  Share link to erection spells if they can be added manually, easy fixes if possible.  Maybe I can fix erection/flaccid with a console command too, just don<t know how to use those yet but learning.  I hope this topic is posted at right place and subject is not out of place.   If so, just remove and please contact me for advice.  I also want to thank all the moders who make amazing work and the players who post beautiful pictures of what they achieve with the mods.  :)

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Someone made a mod that can control the erections here.

Apart from animated prostitution, there is also Sexlab and OSex which I think are much better than AP and you won't have to fix the erections all the time with those.

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