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Berit's Ashes

XSoldier and Dual Wield (Musashi's mods) Compatibility

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Hi all,

Has anybody had success in getting XSoldier for WotC to work with Musashi's Dual Wield mods (i.e. dual pistols or dual melee)? For me, XSoldier causes Musashi's custom idle pose animations (both on avenger and missions) to revert back to default, which looks odd if you change the weight slider because there are two weapons sort of overlapping in the same hand... 

Anyway, I think it's only a "soft" incompatibility since the attack animations work fine, and the female animations are unaffected. I'm really enjoying XSoldier for WotC, and I was hoping to make a hulking, dual axe-wielding berserker type character... For now, I'll just avoid dual wielding on male characters. 

I'm just wondering if anybody has any solutions/workarounds/ insights into what might be causing this.


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