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Download — Shrouded Armor for SAM

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Shrouded Armor for SAM

Shrouded Armor for SAM

This is a refit of RefurbMadness's Dark Brotherhood armor. No, you do not need the original to use this. No, this does not cover all of the armors in Refurb's set, only the Shrouded Armor.

This is a replacer for "Shrouded Armor." 

It is not exactly the same as the Refurb's; I did not keep the harness and I did not do the boots. So make sure you have some other refit for shrouded boots. (If you have SAM, you probably already do)

As with most things in life, expect imperfections. But if there are major issues please let me know.


RefurbMadness for their lovely work on the meshes.

KouLeifoh for High Poly and HDT/SMP assets

VectorPlexus & etc for SAM


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