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[REQ] Custom Skimpy Nordic Carved

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Hi! I was looking thou all the avaliable armors, and after looking at countless pages on the Nexus/Google/here, at the end I was kinda inspired by the Skimpy Nordic Carved in order to have an armor for my character that I'd (finally!) like. The armor in question is this one:


Compared to the original Nordic Carved, the modifications I'd like are:

- Reimplement the cuirass (the metal plate only).

- ....would it be possible to remove the black fur from the gauntlets and leave only the metal plate and leather straps?

- The armor's ass is a bit bare for my tastes without the original furs that covers it. Some leather straps to cover it would be perfect (the ones in the steel plate armor would be nice...if you could also remove the fur from them. Also, could they be put behind the ass' metal plate so it'd cover part of them?).

Think that anyone can do it? Thx in advance ;)

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