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Body Issue - Animation

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Hi guys, after a long time using SOS, I've been trying to use SAM. The body is awsome, but I have problem with the animation!! As you can see at image attached, the body is completed deformed!!!

I've already uninstalled everythionh and tried only the basic, but it haven't worked.

Aneyone has any clue and can help?!

Thanks, and sory about some english mistake.

Skyrim 05_02_2019 00_08_17.png

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Thanks for the tips. I've read some pages of the installation guide, and decided to try restart all over again.

I've unistalled everything and tried only the basics. And for my surprise, it worked perfect! Above the only plugins I'm using.

Now I'll try to install the other dozens of mods (cloths, armours, furmitures, creatures, quests, folowers, etc ), but just a few at each time, and testing animatyion and other things, to try to discover which is the mod that is messing with the game.

But I have a question: can we use the "loot" plugin to sort the mods? I was working fine with SOS, and I hope I can contiue to use it.

I'll post here the progression if you don't guys don't mind. kkkk

See you.


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I would imagine it would be wise to put the Dawnguard patch under SAM. As for the had-his heart torn out look, that could be a mesh issue. I've seen that when making human statues. I had to change or rearrange the bones under dismemberment to fix it

And if he had his ragdoll removed there that could be a culprit. That node may be trying to "reach" to something it was told to attach to

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