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ok so im trying to use these sam mods and im wondering do these work for skyrim se? or just oldrim cause ive noticed ive got sam core textures hdt physics etc already installed but for some reason my skyrim game isn't booting up after I hit fnis and skse loader and when I hit fnis to do and update check on animations etc it says sam poses are not compatible with skyrim se so what am I doing wrong? how do I fix this issue and is there anyone that can help guide me through the set up process cause im new to using these kind of mods 

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SAM does not work with SE. It's a good idea not to make assumptions like that; if it doesn't say it will work in SE on the description then don't think that it will.

If you want to use SAM, you must use LE. If you want to use SAM Light, you can use SE or LE.

The installation guide for regular SAM is here

For SAM Light, you just follow the installer.

Good luck!

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In addition to that you want to install SAM Morphs for Racemenu, so you can get working for SE :morphs, texture selection and bodygen which were features included for SAM LE only until then.

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