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Question about spotlighting SAM

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I do short little streams on occasion and I've gotten a few people asking me about the mods I use. Specifically it has, more than a couple times, devolved into me mentioning SAM and having the viewer get really confused as he'd never heard of it.

So, I was wondering if Vector, and anybody on his site, would have a problem with me doing a short spotlight video on YouTube about SAM that I could just give people a link to rather than give the preamble discussion during a stream?

As any spotlight would involve mentioning the author or authors involved and a link back to this site I just wanted to make sure Vector didn't have a problem with it. It's not like I get a lot of views or anything but with anything published online you never know. There would be no monitization involved, I simply want to make a clearer explanation of the mod, why it's my preferred male body replacer and where others can find it. I've done similar things in the past on a channel that is long since gone.

Tried to find out what Vector's stance on his work being included in videos and couldn't find anything. Oh, yeah, knowing it it would be okay with KouLeifoh would be nice too since I'm Playing SSE and using the version of SAM he modified.

Thanks for the great mod, I swear I can't play this game without it.

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Cool stuff! Getting permission from Vector himself may be difficult since he appears to have stepped away from the modding community for good, but as long as you adhere to the EULA, you can't go wrong. Most relevant paragraph:


You agree not to, and you will not permit others to:
a) license, sell, rent, lease, assign, distribute, transmit, host, outsource, disclose or otherwise commercially exploit this software or parts of it, available to any third party.
b) use this software to create any questionable content that depict or promote harassment, racism, rape, bestiality or child abuse.
c) use this software to create any product, by-product media or derivative content to promote you, your work or your company, without watermarking it with VectorPlexus logo and site address (www.vectorplexus.com).

And about c), the watermark:


EDIT 2: I'm uploading a PSD template file for anyone who wants to watermark any media created while using any of my mods (exemption given to content posted on www.ladymoiraine.com). While I will not go after people who choose not to do it, I will leave that decision entirely to my own discretion. The PSD contains 2 logos, a black and a white version. They should be used against a flat bar that will cover the entire width of the media in which is being used, of the opposing colour (white over black and vice-versa). Logo should be aligned on either left or right, but not centered. The bar in which the logo should be contained is always horizontal, related to the media's direction, and can be either used at the top or bottom. Logo and bar containing it should be scaled to better fit the media, but never in any way that might cause "vectorplexus.com" to become unreadable.

I'm a designer, I'm sorry if I'm being too picky, but again this is mostly "optional"


So, no money, no rape/cp/bestiality, a link back to this site and maybe even the logo somewhere in the video and you'll be the poster child of making SAM videos ?

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Cool, couldn't find that information for the life of me, I fail at internetz, heh.

Well, as stated, I have no intention of monitizing the video. I'm putting on my account that can't even do that (besides, I hate ads on videos).
I'll be covering the aesthetics of the mod as I'm not really that interested in how it works with other mods.

I used to do cartooning and illustration long, long ago so I very much understand any artist wanting to keep control of how their work is represented. Having been plagarized a couple times when I was younger I always attempt to find out what an artist desires over the use of their work. Kind of a pet peeve of mine at this point.

Anyhoo, thanks for that info :)

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