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Download — Vitruvia - (Crude) SAM Light Adaptation (LE/ SE)

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Vitruvia - (Crude) SAM Light Adaptation (LE/ SE)

NB: I originally prepared this package for texture swapping function of SAM Morphs for Racemenu. So, the face (racial) normal maps are not included in this package itself. If you need Vitruvia's face normal map, please download (and endorse) the original package from Nexus.


Vitruvia - Skin texture overhaul for males by Mandragorasprouts (for LE/ for SE) has several point to note, though it's compatible neither with SAM nor with SAM Light.

  • 4K detailed face/ body diffuse (skin) texture (Normal maps are 2K, though)
  • One of the least chiselled muscles among many male mods
  • SoS support and AFAIK the most well-done way of hiding the seam between the body and the genital NiTriShape part in the Crotch Area. 
  • Almost complete (rough2 is missing) set of new complexion of male face.
  • Scarred skin as well as normal maps.
  • Its skin texture is not 100% (complete seam-free) compatible with other-vanilla like skins texures, but very versatile and can be used togeter with other vanilla-friendly skin re-textures like Skysight Skins,  at least in my very bad eyes (see also one of SSs posted).


In course of updating my other (crude) SAM Light adaptation package, Skysight Skins for SAM Light (w/ elder race normal), I found that the author was no longer active in mod making but she/he gave a permission to use his files as assets as long as with due credit. So, With Vitruvia I updated SAM light adaptation of Skysight Skins first. Then, I also prepared this package in order to use together with Skysight Skins for SAM Light ('s face texture). 


What is included in this package: 

  • Skin (Diffuse Maps): Face (4K DXT1 compressed), Body (4K DXT1 compressed: adapted from hairy version, made compatible with SAM High Poly Conversion's Toenails), Hands (1K DXT1 compressed, made compatible with SAM High Poly Conversion's Fingernails)
  • Normal Maps: Body (2K uncompressed for LE; BC7 compressed for SE: in fact, combining mainly Vitruvia original in the upper and SAM Light Texture Add-on in the lower body), Hands (2K uncompressed for LE; BC7 compressed for SE). Both are compatible with SAM High Poly Conversion. Face normal is not included (even for the Nords). 
  • Specular Maps: Same as Skysight Skins for SAM (2K/ 1K DXT1 compressed: Wet Skins based on CMO: Complete Male Overhaul by Mok Chaoticran
  • Subsurface Maps: due to my laziness, only black dots one (for LE non-ENB user) is included. If you don't like it, just delete them.
  • Face Complexions: a little tweaked from original. 1K Uncompressed.
  • Bonus: Scarred Body Skin/ Normal Maps. I include them in 'malebody_01.dds/ malebody_01_msn.dds'. You can assign these scarred textures to your PC's body from SAM textures menu with SAM Morphs for Racemenu. 


All the credits & endorsement should be given to the original authors (please also visit their original download site and endorse the original), not me.

Also sorry for my shitty SSs and clumsy English.




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