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Tried for hours, no "junk" showing with armor

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Hi everyone,

Using oldrim, I managed to set up SAM. Everything's working except one damned thing I just can't figure out! My character's junk shows up perfectly fine when naked, but when wearing armor (refitted from here), the cocks don't show up! I even tried searching for revealing armor, like a clothing mod with screenshots of the dick showing in the comments, and it STILL doesn't work. I'm losing my head here from frustration. I've spent an uncomfortable amount of time trying to get dicks to show when wearing a kilt in a video game. I desperately need help. What do I do?

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with which armor are you having the problem?

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Slot 52 aka pelvis needs to be enabled on both the armor and armor addon in question. Try it with multiple armors if you only tried a couple. Beyond that you might have mods interfering or something. Depends what you have goin on

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