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Followers don't hav SAM body?

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So far i've married Farkas, Vilkas and Marcurio, and everytime they get undressed in a sauna or wtv from my house, they get naked/ But their bodies aren't sam. They're fairly low res and the genitals are pretty ugly too :/. It has like a scartch mark on the chest too. Anyway to change that? Using Sam Light for SSE with Sam Light Texture Add-on 

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it sounds like you're using some sort of standalone npc overhaul in which case you would have to edit their mesh/texture files. hopefully someone can go into specifics for you, but I imagine it's just the reverse process of making a standalone follower- which there are many tutorials on how to do.

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If you are using an Overhaul then you could use the Creation Kit to change the NPC's body back to default/none. So he'll use whatever body you have installed, in this case SAM.


But that is also a reason why my Mods no longer contain any bodies.. XD

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You wouldn't happen to be using Males of Skyrim would you? Is this the texture with the scar you mentioned? Are you me?!

I had the same exact issue as you, here is a quick walkthrough with pictures in case you are still looking for a solution. No one deserves an ugly Farkas! ?

Before you start:

I promise this is very easy and anyone can do it in a matter of minutes! Believe in yourself. You will just need one little program called TES5Edit. Download here.

Removing the texture references:

  1. Open TES5Edit via the TES5Edit.exe, and let it load in all your mods. It may take a minute depending on how many mods you have.
  2. Once it's loaded, you will see a list of all your plugin .esp files on the left pane of records. Scroll down until you find the Males of Skyrim one. Click the '+' sign to expand it like shown below. (note: mine is called Males of Skyrim2.esp only because I made a copy for demonstration purposes--you can ignore the 2)


  3. There are 3 records which point to non-SAM body textures & meshes. They need to be removed.
  4. The first is  'Armor Addon'. All of it can go. Select it with your mouse, channel your inner cyberman, and press 'DELETE' on your keyboard.


  5. Yes ma'am. We want our men back! (Press Yes!)


  6. Do the same for the remaining two records. They are 'Texture Set'>'AASkinBodyMale', and 'Texture Set'>AASkinHandMale'. (Expand 'Texture Set' to see them, but DON'T delete the whole Texture Set record. Only delete the two records shown below. You want to keep all the pretty eye and face textures don't ya??


  7. Now close TES5Edit and it will prompt you to save the changed .esp file. Make sure it is checked, and hit OK. It will save and close.

And that is all there is to it! Now when you load up your game, the Males of Skyrim-affected NPCS will use SAM bodies. Pat yourself on the back and proceed to admire your Farkas.

Hope this helps anyone who came across this. ?



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