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BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

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On 7/10/2019 at 1:44 AM, RascalTanScolare said:

Ahhhhh yes! An3ks just updated some Patches for Leito, Savage, Farelle and crazy.... after he/she did wrote an amazing Tutorial with Links to BodyTalk and AAF-Related Mods. BUT be careful!!! As for now (2019/07/11) the AnimationData's in these linked Patches are not optimized for BodyTalk. You still have to edit the .XML files!!

Here is the Link: An3ks Tutorial and Link-List for BT2 and AAF related Mods

I hope it is okay to link to a different page... 😳


I just have updated my Post before to make sure that others know about the Issue An3Ks Patches still have. He/she suggestet that we should choose BodyTalk V2, but in his/her Patches it still be optimezed for the other Body :) Thanks DEZ.

Because I have edited my last Post a few Sides before I cant edit it again now, thats why I post it here again.

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I forget something to wrote down

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