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Help - Cloak physics

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Hey folks,I've been trying to use some bloodborne single shoulder capes as accessories,but the port they're from makes use of hdt-smp.
As I want them not to move derpily in my game,I would like some advice on the different possibilities :
- I install HDTSMP and I'd need advice on how to implement it on the capes (maybe link to the original xml file?but that references the whole armor,the capes are just part of those)
- I don't install hdt smp and implement capes as usual.Problem is,they are not wseight painted and outfit studio warns me about that.I can partially copy weights from another shoulder cape(or maybe from cloaks of skyrim?) but they don't cover all vertexes. Do I:
 1)ignore the warning and implement them with the available copied weighting
2) try my hand at weight painting them,which for now gave terrible results and the cvloaks literally come apart during certain animations

Can anyone help me with this?


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