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(NSFW)Fallout 4: Share your Character's Look!

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Posted (edited)

I was planning to make a guide for my character's look once the newest BT Version drops also it was request by @asuma55555. Also i want to take the opportunity to invite you to share your own setup for fallout 4! For bodytalk or not, if you think ppl would like just do it! I think we can make a nice library of hot men with this.

My character's Lore: (Optional - share yours too) - WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD


So my character's name is Ulfberth and he's a BoS Soldier. He managed to find his son with Danse and BoS' help, so he's very grateful to them, and made his way into the institute. 

At first it was very difficult for him to deal with the fact that the institute was currently being lead by his very own son. Regardless, Ulfberth still love him. He could not find any other reason to stay living after the bombs fell, so he had to make his son snap out of it, even if he grown up in a pure science environment without knowing what love means and what having humanity in the heart is. So he tried many ways to convince him, but Shaun was very decided that the institute is all he needs. BoS and the whole commonwealth are the Institute's enemies... So what to do? "The institute must stop!"

Before having his decision to finally fight the institute, Ulfberth, figured his son was dying from cancer. As father, Ulfberth could not accept that and did the impossible to find a cure. He went after Dr Volkert's help and they finally managed to find a cure; its a method involving nanobots "Damn, Shaun wouldnt agree with this"... Dr Volkert advised Ulfberth to apply the cure in a very specific opportunity.

So that's it, the cure is ready and Ulfberth gathered enough info to deliver to the BoS about the Institute to finally fight it. In the end, Ulfberth infiltrated the institute along with BoS this time, to stop them once and for all.

Before blowing the whole place, Ulfberth found his son laid back in his bed, his son was dying. Shaun is so angry and disappointed with his father. Ulfberth tried to convince him a last time to  make him think what he has been doing, but Shaun can't take it, "The institute is dead, so am i, there's nothing more left for me in this realm". Shaun is slowly losing his consciousness, its time to apply the cure! "Stay, with me Shaun!!! Your dad is here for you. You can think there's nothing left for you, but you are the only thing that left for me, you deserve a chance to have a father, the chance that have been stolen from the institute". Shaun's fell asleep and Ulfberth had to go, the place was about get blown... he did his best.

Weeks after the institute destruction, Ulfberth got a message... it was his son "Meet me in the Vault 111, i want to talk to you", Ulfberth couldn't believe that he had to see on his own. Once in the Vault 111, "I knew you'd survive, i'm so relieved to see you, but how you managed to escape the blow?" said Ulfberth. Shaun found a way to use the Institute's teleportation to get as far as he could from the explosion. Even tho, he's still angry and confused at same time, he demanded answers from his father... about the cure, about the what he did and why he still care about him. Shaun was really angry and refused to accept everything his father was saying to him

After a hard speech between them, Ulfberth was sick of it:
- Grow up, Shaun! The Institute was a force for evil, they needed to be dealt with.You are blind, son. Open your eyes and look all around you... all the lives they've destroyed... all the enemies they've created...I don't even know where to start... They shot my husband.. took my son... brainwashed him and turned him into a cold calculating sociopath...They replaced people with synths, killed off the Commonwealth Provisional Government, infected people with FEV and wiped out settlements for scrap.The Institute wasn't saving humanity, Shaun. It was abusing it for the benefit of the select few. Where was the institute, when people need purified water and cleaned food? Where was the institute, when people where been attacked by supermutants, feral ghouls and raiders? Where was the institute, when people need medical treatment that probably only you have access with all this technology? The institute was for the institute only, never for the commonwealth!

Shaun never saw Ulfberth like that before, so he finally made up his mind:
- I have to admit, I've had much to reflect on over the past couple of months. With old age comes regret... and asking 'what if' more often. Standing here...in person for once, in the very same spot where our family was forever torn apart by the actions of Vault-Tec... and the Institute... us... Perhaps... perhaps given all you... we... have been through... it would not be entirely right to hold this... resolution against you. You're a broken man. I should put you out of your misery here and now, father... but... that won't bring the Institute back. I don't think I will ever be able to forgive you but... you are all I have left in this world. I just... don't know what to do anymore.

Shaun cries, Ulfberth gets closer, grabs his head and get his face closer to shaun's, forehead to forehead:
 - But i know, its time to do the real good, its time to redeem yourself. Also, are you really going to pass up probably the best chance you'll have to kick some ass with your father?"

The cure somehow improved Shaun's conditions for his age too, BoS Doctors said he could give a good super soldier if properly trained, so did Ulfberth. He teached a lot to Shaun, he trained his body and his senses so he could join the fight with his father and the BoS, to rebuild the commonwealth.

 This is not a lore discussion thread. I just added mine to give my character a background. 
Btw, this mod helped me accomplishing this: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/35198

So to my character's look
Textures: I use a combination of textures so...
1- https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/37607 i'm using the diffuse map from this one and the Materials from it  (BaseMaleBody_d.dds and all the .BGSM files) - The base texture
2- https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18466?tab=files i'm using the specular from this one, i'm using the sweat version (BaseMaleBody_s.dds/ BaseMaleHands_s.dds and BaseMaleHead_s.dds) - to make it a bit more wet
3- https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/37875 i'm using the normal map from this one (BaseMaleBody_n.dds) - to get rid of body definition
Installing one after another won't work, you need to combine all the said files in a single mod so you won't overwrite things by mistake. Customizing your character is also about how to manage your files. Detailed explained how to combine body textures here: 

Zex Skeleton Edits
I've applied some transforms to the zex skeleton bones (in other words i scaled them a bit), so i could get bigger shoulders and thicker neck to match bigger bodies more. Also i scaled the penis size to get 11% bigger.
Just install like any other mod and make sure to load it after the original zex skeleton. So ofc you want to have the ZEX skeleton installed already here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/36702. I just did some personal edits, i don't have any credits over this file. mastercchris granted me permission to share these edits.
You can have my personal editsa here:

Note: If any important update comes out for zex skeleton, like NiO or something, you may want to roll back to the original skeleton to have any new features working right.

Bodytalk and Bodyslide Preset
Ofc i'm using bodytalk as body replacer, you can get it here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/34208?tab=description, You want to load the bodytalk before the textures, cus there are some textures in there that could replace them.
Also you want to have my bodyslide project, cus i've made more tweaks to BTStomachFat to work better with my preset and other things and also to make sure that you can select my preset in the preset selection: 
Ulfberth's Bodyslide BT Body and Preset.rar - just install using your mod manager like any other regular mod. Build the naked body tagged as TBOS-Bodytalk-V2 Ulfberth (For cut penis) or TBOS-Bodytalk-V2-Uncut Ulfberth (for uncut penis your choice) using the preset called "Big Bear".

Looksmenu Preset (you can share your looksmenu preset just if you want, its totally option, but at least share the values for the body)
I'm just sharing my personal character face cus i would like to see what people would do with him. Just please don't do anything that would break the role i assigned for him - See "My character's role" (remember, he's a BoS soldier, but it doesn't mean he can't abuse raiders and supermutants... or get abused by them ?). I've also included a preset for Longfellow (my most loyal friend, he's always guarding my back and taking advantage of it too why not hehe), Danse (another hot fuckbuddie) and Shaun (my son's hot lol).
*To load my preset just enter in console "slm 14" no quotations, then go to Preset then click on my "Ulfberth" to load my characters preset.
*If you want to load Shaun's preset on Shaun or my other bois, left click on them with the console opened... a id will show up, so type in the console "slm TheShowedUPIdHere" and load the desired preset
Ulfberth's Looksmenu Preset.rar

If you just want the body proportions open up your looskmenupresetnamehere.json (located in Data\F4SE\plugins\F4EE\Presets) using word pad and look for a string named '"Values" in the very bottom of the file then change them to this: "Values" : [ 0, 0.5, 1, 0.2000000029802322, 0.300000011920929 ] Like this image.thumb.png.1f9470ac3563e2bb6913653821be27aa.png

and the Weight triangle values are "Weight" : [ 0, 0.6120703220367432, 0.3879296481609345 ] as you can see in the image above. After changing the values just save the file and load it in Looksmenu preset.

Screenshot (739).png
Ulfberth and Longfellow had their clothing stolen on the night after hunting, so they had to come back to the sanctuary naked

Screenshot (783).png

Screenshot (809).png

Don't mind my son, he's always guarding my back.

Screenshot (651).png


Ulfberth after a successfully completed mission of cleaning the are from some Supermutants, Ad Victoriam!


Screenshot (331).png

Screenshot (438).png

"Dad, another Settlement needs our help"

Screenshot (440).png

"Please, not you too Shaun"

Screenshot (710).png

Edited by Ulfberth
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Hi Ulfberth I will like to try your skin texture combination but i don't know what you mean when you said:"you need to combine all the said files in a single mod" do you need a tool to do that?

because if the files have the same name is going to always give the option to overwrite. I was making this character to dress hem with your convert cloths (The Hour of The Reaper) and after you share textures i believe that will look more realistic with you texture. I like the idea of hairy and oily at the same time. and your giving me that. I use https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18466?tab=files ( OILY) this skin texture is great but it is very buggy because it works great with your character but it make other male npc looks with black face. Another thing is that it needs is PUBIC HAIR. But it seems like the creator does not care about this mod any more, I didn't see any update of this mods for along time.

Any ways if is possible to combine oily skin with some hairy textures will be great. I can't wait to see my characters with oily skin and hairy chest or oily skin and and pubic hair. And even great if the black face bug can be fix for other males npcs.

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Posted (edited)

@iamnotvirgin Alright, i think the forum rolledback lol, so here i go again...
By combining i mean you need to manually extract all the mods and put in a single folder the files you need. Once they are all there then you pack it up as .rar and install using your mod manager. If you are using mo2, you can install all of three, no problems, but you need to delete the other files cus they will conflict with each other.
For eg:
Lets say i want to combine the textures Mod1 the Mod2 and the Mod3 ... but all of them has the same files like Basemalebody_d.ddsBasemalebody_s and  Basemalebody_n. But you just want the _d from Mod1_s from Mod2/ and _n from Mod3... what do i do?
*Delete the _s and _n from Mod1
*Delete the _d and _n from Mod2
*Delete the _d and _s from Mod3
Once done you will end up with the _d from Mod1_s from Mod2/ and _n from Mod3. Now...

If you are not using MO2:
-Pack all of the remaining files in a single folder. Note: To the correct folder! We are messing with male body textures so the path is Textures\Actors\Character\BaseHumanMale. You'll end up with something like this;image.thumb.png.4eb39eccc17ad35b065af284869c05a9.png

If you are using MO2:
-Delete the necessarily files from each mod folder you've installed as i said above and then they are ready to go, cus mo2 virtualize all the folders in a single one once you launch the game.

In your case, you want the hairy body with oily effect
So you want to combine the  _d from Hairy Texture Mod and _s from Oily Body Texture Mod. The _d Stands for Diffuse (base texture)_s Stands for Specular Map (body effect like more shiny, sweat, oily...) |  _n Stands for Normal Map (Body Definition)

Edited by Ulfberth
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Hi Ulfberth Thank you so much for this detail tutorial,I can not thank you enough. I am still very new to the mod world and even to fall out 4 but thanks to people like you i have learnt a lot anyways i have good news and bad news about the texture mod that i create after  i follow your steps.btw I have always have problems with the oily texture before like i mention earlier my NPC MALES FACE TURN BLACK.Now after I create this mod combining the 3 mod that i have chosen  MOD1 ((D)(4k Hairy Men for Victoriam) Line) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/37490 , MOD 2 (S) (M-skin for EVB (male body and face texture) OILY https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18466?tab=files, MOD 3 (N)(Victoriam line - Male body's alternative textures) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/35008.I follow every single step in your tutorial very carefully. and the good news is that my NPC MALES look great NO MORE BLACK FACES but my character and my male followers NOW HAVE WHITE FACES.ha ha ha lol this is so funny. Than i assume that maybe only selected textures can be combine so I use your formula for your specific texture( Fat Man Expanded - A skin set for the big guys (BT2,M-skin for EVB (male body and face texture (SWEAT) AND Softer Bodies,) but i having the same problem. I feel like i am very close to solve this mystery but I don't wanna mess up my entire game i wan you please the take a look to my map and this pictures and tell me what do you think and if is any way to solve it. Thank you so much

Desktop Screenshot 2019.05.12 -

Desktop Screenshot 2019.05.12 -

Desktop Screenshot 2019.05.12 -

Desktop Screenshot 2019.05.12 -

Desktop Screenshot 2019.05.12 -

Desktop Screenshot 2019.05.12 -

Desktop Screenshot 2019.05.12 -

Desktop Screenshot 2019.05.12 -

Desktop Screenshot 2019.05.12 -

Desktop Screenshot 2019.05.12 -

Desktop Screenshot 2019.05.12 -

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Posted (edited)

@iamnotvirgin oh damn quality beef everywhere 🐻. Anyway... i'd say to make sure to have the face textures (basemalehead) and the material being loaded by bodytalk. Maybe the M-Skin face texture is not compatible with victoriam line so you may want to load bodytalk's instead.

Edit: i just noticed theres no maleface textures neither by Bodytalk and Victoriam line. There's just a face texture by the M-Skin so you want to delete that and the game will use vanilla face texture, which matches better with victoriam line. Except the Basemalehead_s <- that's for oily effect for the face

Edited by Ulfberth
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Forgot to include my personal edits for Zex Skeleton, it's now available for download in the main post 👆

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I almost forgot to thanks MUlfberth and Mr The Bottomhood of Steel for helping me. Thanks to those tips i was able to find a decent face texture that is close to my costume skin( hairy and Oily) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/20172?tab=files face only. And one last thing is it possible to make dirty bodies CLEAN?. Sturge's and raiders bodies are dirty and i assume that is the reason my custom skin is not working on them. If any of you guys know how to fix that please let me know. I want every male body be hairy and oily that will make me very happy. Thanks

Here is some naughty pics to show this new skin.






























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Just make a copy of the basehumanmaleskin.bgsm in your materials/actors/character/basehumanmale folder and rename the copy to basehumanmaleskindirty.bgsm so you can overwrite the dirty with a clean one.

Edited by Ulfberth
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