@iamnotvirgin Alright, i think the forum rolledback lol, so here i go again...
By combining i mean you need to manually extract all the mods and put in a single folder the files you need. Once they are all there then you pack it up as .rar and install using your mod manager. If you are using mo2, you can install all of three, no problems, but you need to delete the other files cus they will conflict with each other.
For eg:
Lets say i want to combine the textures Mod1 the Mod2 and the Mod3 ... but all of them has the same files like Basemalebody_d.dds, Basemalebody_s and  Basemalebody_n. But you just want the _d from Mod1/ _s from Mod2/ and _n from Mod3... what do i do?
*Delete the _s and _n from Mod1
*Delete the _d and _n from Mod2
*Delete the _d and _s from Mod3
Once done you will end up with the _d from Mod1/ _s from Mod2/ and _n from Mod3. Now... If you are not using MO2:
-Pack all of the remaining files in a single folder. Note: To the correct folder! We are messing with male body textures so the path is Textures\Actors\Character\BaseHumanMale. You'll end up with something like this; If you are using MO2:
-Delete the necessarily files from each mod folder you've installed as i said above and then they are ready to go, cus mo2 virtualize all the folders in a single one once you launch the game. In your case, you want the hairy body with oily effect
So you want to combine the  _d from Hairy Texture Mod and _s from Oily Body Texture Mod. The _d Stands for Diffuse (base texture)| _s Stands for Specular Map (body effect like more shiny, sweat, oily...) |  _n Stands for Normal Map (Body Definition)
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