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Download — SavrenX Kaidan 2 Replacer

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SavrenX Kaidan 2 Replacer

This is my personal Kaidan 2 Replacer. I share this Kaidan only on Vectorplexus because i use SAM.

First thanks to Kaidan author aka LivTempleton for permission.

What you need for this mod :

- Kaidan 2 mod from nexus LE or SE. ( Don't forget to endorse ) :

LE https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/92811?tab=description

SE : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19075

- SAM Light Texture Add-on 1.1 by bro Kouleifoh.

- Apachii Hair ( not for males one, but the universal one aka ApachiiSkyHair )

After that, overwrite Kaidan 2 with my files ( LE/SE ).



- Skin:

If you want replace kaidan skin with sam light hairy or something, go into folder and find 0kaibodytexwounded.dds. Drag your skin and rename it like that kaidan wounded.

- Install middle game :

I install this middle game and sometimes i found kaidan neck not match with rest of body. Solution, open console, click him. Then type 

Setnpcweight 90




Now i hope you can enjoy new kaidan. I made this Kaidan based on personal taste so if you want tweak his look sfor yourself, do it yourself because i don't want make change only for one user. I only enhance his looks, nothing change to script or anything. Happy Gaming.




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