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Nachtigall Miseme

I am looking for a Mod of Thongs, someone has seen it?

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Posted (edited)

It is a mod that used a lot and I can not find it or remember the name, if someone has it please share it with me.
All I have is an image that shows where the chest is with its items, in a nearby mine on the way to river forest, a chest in the middle of a pond inside the mine, and I only have a scren shot of my orc with a thong I think of dragon bone

I looked for it everywhere and I did not find it. I had a lot of clothes that I liked a lot, and I do not find it in my files.

I hope you can help me that much I liked a lot, you



TESV 2015-08-15 09-19-30-14.jpg

TESV 2015-08-15 09-19-38-91.jpg




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Posted (edited)

Barbarian Loincloths from there 👆

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