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Download — Nordic Fur Armor for SAM patch (LE/ SE)

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Nordic Fur Armor for SAM patch (LE/ SE)

This is a SAM refit patch (Samson/ Samuel sliders from 0 to ca. 80) for newly released Nord Fur Armor (Link to Nexus for LE/ SE) by NordwarUA, probably the best alternative to the vanilla DLC Skaal Coat for the cold and harsh winter in Skyrim.

This package itself is not stand-alone (i.e. does not include any female or inventory models), so you have to download (and please endorse) the original package from Nexus at first, then overwrite some of male meshes with those from this refit package.  

You'll have to collect Saber cat pelt (max. 4) as well as leather to forge the outfit. 


All the credit should be given to NordwarUA who is the original creator (from scratch) of this wonderful armor mod.


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