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Download — SavrenX Dizona Face For SAM Light SE

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SavrenX Dizona Face For SAM Light SE

First, thank you so much and credit to Letho0036 for Official permission to use Dizona face textures for this mod. Original mod from Nexus here :


You need SAM Light Texture Add-on 1.1 ( bro Kouleifoh mod ).

Now....this face mod not just ordinary face mod. I utilized full face mod from dizona optional face. Short word, Different race will have different Face diffuse, Normal map, Specular, and different Vampire face.

You will not have same face anymore. Breton will have different face, Imperial use different face too. And for Vampire face, each race use different vampire's face too.

For bonus, i made Elder race use this dizona face too including Elder Vampire. I include Skysight elder body from bro Y_Sengaku ( Credit to him ) and combined it with my customized stuff for elder. The elder use HD skysight face too. So you have total HD Elder now for SAM Light.

The Esp flagged as Esl so this considered free slot. You can cuztomize the textures in folder or replace it to suit your taste. Say you want use original SAM Light nord face, just replace it in folder. Explore the folder to understand this.

Face and specular in 2k compressed, normal map in 2k Uncompressed to get full quality. Enjoy then. 


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